God made only water, but man made wine
Victor Hugo, 1802-1885, French Writer


ΠΑΡΑΓΚΑ- ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΚΟΣ ΤΟΠΙΚΟΣ ΟΙΝΟΣ –ΕΡΥΘΡΟΣ ΞΗΡΟΣ ΟΙΝΟΣParaga 2008 won the silver medal in the Thessaloniki International Wine Competition 2010.
The Paraga wine uniquely combines the varieties of Xinomavro, Merlot and Syrah. It has a bright red colour, while its bouquet is complex and brings to mind blackberries with hints of green pepper. Its taste is light, dominated by the acidity that ensures a longer aftertaste. Its tanninity is mild, but it gives to the wine a sense of moulded volume in the mouth.  

The xinomavro comes from the hilly vineyards of Amyntaion, while the Merlot and the Syrah come from selected vineyards in the Florina prefecture. The vineyards are situated in the wine-producing zone of Amyntaio, at an altitude of 600-700 metres. Their soil is sandy and poor, contributing in the way in the production of wines with an exceptional class and rich aroma. The microclimate of the region is characterised by cold winters and hot summers, which become milder due to the existence of the four lakes in the area. The long biological cycles of the vineyards, as well as the significant temperature variation between day and night during their maturing period, are two more important factors that make the Amyntaion region competent for the production of aromatic wines.    

Human intervention at a viniculture level focuses on two axes: increasing, where deemed necessary, the useful leaf area with the help of new supports and the short but regular irrigation sessions during their maturity state, only in certain years, in order to avoid humidity stresses. The target is, apart from the intense expression of their local aromas, for the brew varieties to acquire a complete phenolic maturity.

Name: Paraga 2008

Type: Red dry

Category: Regional Macedonian

Origin: Selected vineyards from partnering viticulturists of Northern Greece

Variety composition: Xinomavro 45%, Merlot 30%, Syrah 25%

Maturing:  6 months in a tank and 1 month reductive ageing in a bottle                                                                   
Ageing potential: 5 years
Character: Light and spicy with a refreshing acidity and mild tanninity. Simple and casual, it goes well with pasta, vegetable dishes, but also with grilled meats.  

Alcohol content :  13,6

Volatile acidity :  0,44

Overall Acidity : 6,3

Active Acidity (pH): 3,43

Sugars :  3,4 g/lt


Vinification: A pre-fermentation extraction is implemented using the uncrushed grapes at a temperature of 12oC and under the presence of an inert gas. The duration of this process ranges between 2-5 days, depending on the quality of the raw material. The fermentation temperature is 20-22oC. The quality of the phenolic maturity of the raw material and of the grapestones is what determines the duration of stay with of the fermented must with the marc (where the raw material is less matured a prolonged stay should be avoided). In order to balance the high acidity of Xinomavro, we are aiming to increase the oil content through batonnage of the light dregs, for the trimester between January to March, with a frequency of 2 times a week. The brew does not evolve in oak barells, only in tanks, where we aim at reproducing the barrel environment through the implementation of micro-oxygenations. The performance of the malo-lactic fermentation is taking place intentionally only on 50% of the brew's volume, at the beginning of spring. The wine is bottled and left to rest for 1-2 months.