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God made only water, but man made wine
Victor Hugo, 1802-1885, French Writer

ASEPA Amyntaion



Eighty years ago, the famous Xinomavro Amyntaiou was being bought and supplied mostly by merchants from the surrounding areas. In the 1930s, a wine expert from the Ministry of Agriculture that was visiting the area gave an inspiring speech to encourage the growers of Amyntaio to create their own cooperative. And thus, on March 20, 1946 the Association of Agricultural Cooperatives of Amyntaio, one of the oldest wine cooperatives in Greece, was founded.


In 1959, the winery was founded, and in the following year the association’s first red wine was released and was soon distributed successfully in the local markets of Western Macedonia. A milestone year in the wine history of EAS Amyntaion was the year of 1971, when the first experimental efforts began for creating sparkling wine from the Xinomavro variety and had amazing results. In 1972, the Greek government recognized both the red and later the rose wine produced in the region as ‘Amyntaio Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality’. The latter is the only rose wine with Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality available in Greece.

Today EAS Amyntaion comprises 27 primary cooperatives and 2250 physical members. It is a Private Law Legal Entity, based in Amyntaio, where its central office is situated. The Association’s aim, which still remains the same, is to strengthen, broaden and coordinate the activities of all its members. The Integrated Management System implemented by EAS Amyntaio, in conjunction with the supportive network of agriculturalists, contributes to a better quality of the grape varieties.


The members of the cooperative cultivate 25,000 acres in the OPAP wine-growing zone, at the Amyntaio plateau, and at an altitude of 550-649 metres.  The EAS Amyntaion winery is housed in a fully refurbished building that contains sophisticated equipment across an area of 50 acres, where guided tours are provided. The visitor has the opportunity to learn about the winery and the methods of cultivation and production of the wine. The premises contain reception, information, wine tasting and wine selling areas, a wine cellar, a museum for the promotion of local history and an educational area for vine growing and oenology.

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EAS Amyntaio Winery
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