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God made only water, but man made wine
Victor Hugo, 1802-1885, French Writer


In the prefecture of Florina, in Western Macedonia lies the Amyntaio plateau, one of the most important vine-producing zones in Greece. The cultivation of grapes in the region has its roots in antiquity, as attested by archaeological findings and the widespread worship of Dionysus. Mountains such as Vora and Vitsi, in conjunction with the lakes that surround the area, constitute a unique spectacle of beauty, and create ideal conditions for growing vines. The mild climate, with cold winters and hot summers, the high altitude and the sandy soil offer suitable conditions for producing wines of great flavour and rich colour.
The vine-growing region of Amyntaio is situated at an altitude of 600-700 meters, and covers an area of over 70,000 acres. It is a zone that has been accredited the Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality (OPAP) classification, while as a general rule the wineries of Amyntaion avoid the use of pesticides. The area is dominated by the Xinomavro variety, a variety both exquisite and versatile, since it has the ability to produce different types of wine (red, white and rose), but it also produces other varieties, both international and local.
Wine cultivation has a distinct significance for the local social and economic life: alternative tourism and particularly wine tourism is growing, as the wineries of the area to be visited provide visitors with the opportunity to discover the methods and history of wine production and to taste the local products.
Taking part in the ‘Programme for the Promotion of Wine to Third Countries (Russia)’ is the not-for-profit organisation ‘Amyntaion Wine’, which is based in Amyntaion in the Florina prefecture. The following companies are members of the organisation: